Direct Admit Process

Call the Administrative Supervisor Line at 469.231.2356 Available 24/7

Provide the following information regarding the patient transfer: Admit


Level of Care needed(InPt, Obs, OutPt)

Type of bed needed (ICU, med-surg, telemetry, etc.)

Line of service

Fax appropriate registration information to 972.394.2262 Please include:

Patient demographics/face sheet (A copy of Driver’s License or ID is helpful.)

Patient H&P

Lab results

Radiology results

Medication list


Once the information is verified, the Administrative Supervisor will arrange a "doc-to-doc" conversation. Once accepted, the admin sup will notify the sending provider/facility that the patient should proceed to the emergency room entrance for admission.

Upon check-in, specify that patientis “Direct Admit”.

Transport to the CRMC Emergency Entrance. Check in at the Admitting Desk for Registration. Specify that this is a Direct Admit patient.

AdminSup: 469.231.2356 | Fax: 972.394.2262

4343N.JoseyLn., Carrollton, TX75010